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10 day Munir Zulu parliamentary suspension

MUNIR ZULU, a Lumezi member of parliament, has been given a 10-day suspension by the chamber for severe misconduct and disrespecting the speaker.

The ban is in effect from Wednesday until Friday of the following week.

Mr. ZULU’s behavior during the parliamentary session, according to National Assembly Speaker NELLY MUTTI, was inappropriate because he intimidated the Sergeant at Arm and disregarded the speaker by attempting to seize her mace.

Ms. MUTTI claimed that Mr. ZULU’s behavior was below par for a member of parliament and brought the institution into contempt.

Since then, Mr. ZULU has been instructed by the speaker to refrain from participating in any committee or legislative business during his suspension.

In addition, Ms. MUTTI stated that Mr. ZULU would not be paid during the ten-day ban when representing his constituency in parliament or anyplace else.

The Katombola Member of Parliament CLEMENT ANDELEKI submitted a point of order against Mr. ZULU for an incident that occurred in the chamber while the first deputy speaker admonished him, the Speaker remarked on March 23, 2018, when the finance minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE made a ministerial statement.

She said that Mr. ANDELEKI had inquired as to whether Mr. ZULU had authorization to make running remarks and make threats towards the Chief Parliamentary Security Officer and Sergeant at Arms.

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