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175 boys ditch school for work in Mumbwa


About 175 boys dropped out of school in Mumbwa district majority of whom have opted for work in the mines in the area.

District Education Board secretary (DEBS) Mwewa Mwewa says increased mining activities have lured school going boys to drop out and start making money in 2020.

Mrs Mwenya noted that from January to December 2020 the district had a higher number of dropouts for boy as compared to girls

‘’ We had 151 girls who dropped out of school due to early marriages and unplanned pregnancies, ’’ she said.

Ms Mwenya said that the boys opted to engage in informal employment in the nearby farms and in the mine within the district.

‘’When these boys do some mining and piece works, they are given some money hence they opt to go for informal employment than being in school, ” she said.

Ms Mwenya noted that it is however gratifying that Women for Change ( WfC) in the area has been assisting pupils from vulnerable households by paying school fees and providing school materials to help learners to acquire an education.

She added that some learners do not drop out of school deliberately but due to circumstances in their homes, adding that some girls are performing well.

‘’We are hopeful that once they complete their education, the district will produce leaders in the near future’’ she said.

She observed that most of the girls who are sponsored are doing well.

‘’Government has a lot of pupils and it can’t be everywhere, nongovernmental organisations such as the Women for Change and their partners are supplementing government effort and we grateful’’ Ms. Mwenya said.

And Women for Change Executive Director, Lumba Siyanga said that most pupils who drop out of school leave mainly due to financial constraints.

Ms. Siyanga noted that without investing in girl’s education, the country will continue

reproducing children out of poverty.

The WfC Executive Director said that if the country does not invest in girls’ education it will be difficult to break the poverty circle

‘’ For the nation to move forward we need girls to be educated so that we equalize the opportunities for future engagements’’ she noted.

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