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18-year-old girl kills future hubby 4 days before wedding


Police in Tanzania have arrested an 18-year-old girl who killed her 26-year-old husband last Wednesday. Happy Nyasumo stabbed her spouse, Bebe Mbogo, to death following a domestic dispute.

Nyasumo told police that her parents had forced her to marry Mbogo, and that she killed him out of resentment.

According to the Standard report, On the fateful night when the dispute escalated, the woman waited until her hubby was asleep and attacked him with a knife.

“Nyasumo said she stabbed her husband three times in the neck after he forced her to have sex with him,” Majimoto Councilor, Johannes Masirori said.

After committing the horrendous atrocity, she went to her mother-in-law’s house where she showed off the murder weapon while also having some food.

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