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2 pregnant women die after abandoning hospitals in fear of Covid-19 tests


As fear to get tested for Covid-19 grips, two expectant mothers of Kasempa District, North Western Province have died while giving birth at their villages. The duo opted to stay away from accessing medical services from Mukinge Mission Hospital, the only hospital in the district on myths that the testing kits at the facility have Covid-19.

Mukinge Mission Hospital Executive Director Jairos Fumpa disclosed that the hospital which has been providing free advanced medical services since its establishments in 1953, has recorded very low numbers of expectant women since mandatory screening for Covid-19 was introduced.

“Women are the majority at every hospital but now we are seeing very few of them here because they are fearing to be tested for Covid 19 alleging that the testing kits have Corona Viruses,” he explained.

He added that most women have abandoned antenatal, postnatal and other services at the hospital, adding that two maternal deaths have been recorded in the month of May 2021.

Mr Fumpa further mentioned that the Hospital has now resolved to do mass sensitizations to allay the myths and misconceptions about the Covid screening.

“We received two cases of women who were giving birth from their villages and they used traditional herbs to help them deliver but after developing complications, they were brought to the hospital and unfortunately we couldn’t save them because they were brought late,“ he said.

“We have women who come to the Hospital with serious conditions but refuse to be screened for Covid and just lie on the floor outside the hospital.”

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