Home Videos 2-year-old Lerato fakes death after being caught red-handed – Video

2-year-old Lerato fakes death after being caught red-handed – Video

Lerato fakes death

Two-year-old Lerato may be on her way to stardom after a video of her playing dead to get out of trouble surfaced on social media.

In the video, Lerato – realizing there was no way out after being caught writing on the bathroom wall – stares at her mother before pretending to be running out of breath, and on the floor, she lands.

Being a kid, she forgot she was in character and got up in laughter.

According to her mother Amanda Moyo, the incident happened on Sunday after Lerato sneaked out of the room while the family was attending an online church service at their Ferndale home.

“I was looking for her and no one knew where she was. The bathroom door was closed, so I thought let me just check. When I opened the door, she was just there writing with my Estée Lauder lipstick which cost R495.

“I was shocked, I closed the door and went to get my phone. When I opened the door again she had quickly dropped the lipstick and was now carrying the cleaning loofah trying to clean the mess.

“I gave her the look parents give their children when they’re being naughty. I don’t know where that came from because she’s never done it before but I think at that moment she thought ‘have to pull a stunt, something, anything to get me out of this’.

“But then the baby brother laughed after she dropped down and she forgot that she was supposed to have fainted and then woke up laughing.”

Watch the video:

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