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20-year-old man beats mother for falling to buy him a pair of trousers


20-year-old Sydney Phiri yesterday stunned the court when he revealed that he beat up his mother because she refused to buy him a pair of trousers. Phiri, who is small in stature, attacked his mother, Beatrice Phiri, and won the fight but he did not escape the criminal behavior as he was arrested and charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Magistrate Chanda wondered why Phiri beat up his own mother who carried him for 9 months and said she was going to jail him for five years to learn a lesson from his despicable acts.

But Phiri’s mother told the court that she had forgiven her son and pleaded with the court not to jail him, sending the court into murmurs.

Magistrate Chanda then advised Phiri to change his ways and that the case would not close but leave it open so that should he commit a similar offence, he will be jailed.
At this point, Phiri quickly left the accused’s dock and lay flat on the floor pleading for the mother’s forgiveness and promised never to beat her up again.

Ms Phiri hugged her son as they left the court j celebration.

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