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2021 General Elections to be held on August 12

Electoral Commission of Zambia

ECZ – The Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced its plans to start voter registration and demarcating boundaries for constituencies, wards and polling districts among others.

ECZ Spokesperson Margaret Chimanse says this is in readiness for the 2021 general elections.

Electoral Commission of Zambia

Chimanse said the Commission will be bound by the Zambia Public Procurement Amendment Act when procuring materials required for conducting a credible electoral process.


“There are various processes within a five (5) year electoral cycle that are integral prior to the day of voting. These processes include delimitation (the demarcating of boundaries for constituencies, wards and polling districts in order for voters to have better accessibility of polling stations), voter registration, candidate nomination, accreditation of observers, election day, results tabulation, post-election review processes to learn and improve the process for subsequent (by) elections, amongst others,” Chimanse said.

She stated that demarcation of boundaries will commence this year while online voter registration platform will be done in 2020.

And the commission has announced that the 2021 general elections will be held on August 12.

Chimanse said the international competitive bidding will be adhered to and the Commission will not have any preferred bidder in view of following the stipulated law.

She said both local and foreign bidders qualify to compete in an international competitive bidding process.