Home Entertainment 22-year-old rapper Lil Nas X dragged after failing drivers’ test

22-year-old rapper Lil Nas X dragged after failing drivers’ test


Lil Nas X took to TikTok to let his followers know that he finally took his driver’s license test for the first time. In his TikTok video, fans were expecting Lil Nas X to confirm that he passed the test but let them know that he actually failed.

The rapper didn’t seem too bothered though, he was dancing around in the video and had colourful filters on throughout. Seems as though he’d really be open to trying again, he’s not too bothered about it.

The singer pays tribute to pop-punk with the new song featuring Travis Barker on the drums. The young musician trended on social media after she released the track as fans debated the song’s genre and why she took the pop-punk direction.

Willow told Rolling Stone in an interview that she has been a fan of rock music since she was a child.


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