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235 former BP workers owed by HH appeal for President Lungu’s innervation

The 235 former BP workers owed money by Hakainde Hichilema have appealed to President Edgar Lungu´s government to intervene and secure the funds tat have been withheld from them by Hichilema for 20 years now.

Mr Expendito Chipalo, spokesperson for the 235, out of which 128 have since died without being paid by Mr Hichilema in the past years believe that “only President Edgar Lungu can help now by intervening.”

Mr Chipalo, 67 who has since lost his wife while waiting to get their pensions said, “we can only appeal to President Lungu to intervene as our father and head of state and government because the court process has been frustrated by Hichilema´s constant appeals.”

Mr Hichilema owes the starving pensioners an estimated K26 million each without interest from 20 years ago but keeps appealing every time they win a case according to Mr Chipalo.
Currently the workers are leaving under squalor and disease as Hichilema rolls their money and making profits through Treasury Bills and Bonds, as admitted by his own spokesperson in a statement issued on 19th July.

Mr Chipalo has likened Hichilema to a “psychopath” who watches people die and goes to sleep like a baby.

“How can such a psychopath want to be a President of 18 million Zambians when he appeals against paying 235 people?” Mr Chipalo said.

He said their only hope now is in President Lungu whom he knows to be a kind man at heart.

Hichilema has refused to address the matter of the3 deceased 128 unpaid pensioners out of the 235.

He is reported to be more kin in getting into State House than pay 235 poor pensioners according to people close to his campaign.


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