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4 Kapiri Mposhi churches closed for breaking Covid-19 rules


Kapiri Mposhi Town Council has revoked gathering permits for four churches for abrogating COVID-19 health guidelines.

Council Health Inspector Rabby Mwansa explains that the churches had their permits revoked for failure by congregants to wear face masks, absence of hand washing facilities at the premises and lack of physical distancing among congregants.

Mr. Mwansa says the affected churches would only be allowed to congregate after meeting the prescribed health measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

He explained that the four churches were among 31 that were inspected.

Mr Mwansa further disclosed that 21 out of 31 churches inspected were also cautioned for partially observing health measures.

He said this during an Ad-hoc Epidemic Preparedness Committee meeting in Kapiri Mposhi.


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