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From 40 Acres to 4000 Acres – Follow God, Kanye West


Last night Kanye West dropped a music video for one of my personal favourite songs off his Jesus Is King Album. The video starts out with a voice presumably his dad’s explaining what it means to follow God and he makes an example of how he taught his kids to walk in snow. He took the first steps ahead and asked them to follow his footsteps. The video features him and his father walking to take a drive in snow in Cody Wyoming and there’s just vast land in the back.

Interestingly at the end of the video, Kanye reveals some information about his relationship with his father and quoted a conversation they had when his father visited him at one of his ranches and his father asks him “how many acres is this” to which he responds ” 4000?” to which the father responded ” A black man?”.

If you are a Kanye West fan you know on his very first album the dream was buying 40 acres from the track “all fall down”. Now on “Follow God” he reveals he exceeded the dream which his dad was also impressed. Kanye West on one of his recent interviews expresses the importance of young black folk buying land to buying chains expressing their minds are still enslaved to a culture which isn’t even theirs but was invented for them.

Here is the video for “Follow God” enjoy!