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44 corrupt Immigration officials arrested

The Department of Immigration has secured convictions in 44 court outcomes from April 7, 2021 and May 13, 2021.

Among the convictions involved offences, such as aiding an illegal immigrant into Zambia, harbouring illegal immigrants and forging an immigration identity Card, among other offences.

In a statement released to ZANIS by Department of Immigration Public relations Officer Namati Nshinka, the 44 convictions involved nationals from 9 countries including Zambia.

“The nationalities involved were 12 Congolese, nine Tanzanians, seven Zimbabweans, three Burundians, Malawians, Rwandese, and Zambians. Others were two Ugandans and one Somali,” Mr Nshinka Said.

During the same period, the department has also removed 295 illegal immigrants from the country and apprehended 130 persons for various offences.

“Those removed were 74 Burundians, 53 Tanzanians, 42 Ethiopians and 39 Malawians. Others were 20 Rwandese, seven Zimbabweans, five Ugandans, four Somalis and one Ghanaian,” Mr. Nshinka stated.

He has also encouraged members of the public to contact the Department of Immigration if they came across information on individuals, businesses or employees who may be aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

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