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47-years-old Chipate man defiles girl, 6, infects her with STI


The Chipata Magistrate Court has heard how a 47-years-old man allegedly defiled a minor and infected her with syphilis.

And the accused, Auxensio Tembo, who is currently on police bond, pleaded not guilty to the charge of defilement.

Facts given by the victim’s mother residing in Referendum compound in Chipata, are that on January 23rd 2021, her daughter aged six years, left home at an unknown time to go and play at her grandmother’s place in the same compound but in Chisitu area.

She told Resident Magistrate Destiny Kalusopa that she became worried when she noticed that it was late and her daughter had not arrived home.

“I followed my daughter to her grandmother’s place when it was 19:00 hours because she had not yet arrived home. At her grandmother’s house, I was told that she had left at 17:00 hours and that they had escorted her up to the road side and helped her to cross the road,” she said.

The mother to the victim further told the court that she went back to her place and waited only to see her daughter arriving home after 21:00 hours.

“Your honour, when my daughter arrived home, she was complaining about a painful sore in the leg. I didn’t think it was very serious and told her that I will look at it the next day. The next day, she still complained and when I looked at her she was failing to walk properly,” she said.

She told the court that she informed her neighbour about the girl’s condition and after inspecting the young girl, she said the girl had been sexually abused.

“My neighbour immediately advised me to take her to the hospital and at Chipata Central Hospital I was advised to first get a police report. When I got the police report a medical examination was conducted on her and it was discovered that she had been defiled and infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI),” she said.

The state in this case is being represented by Public Prosecutor (PP) Ireen Mayenda while the accused is being represented by John Phiri of JMP and Associates.

And during cross examination conducted by Mr. Phiri, the victim’s mother informed the court that she asked her daughter who had done that to her and she said Tembo had defiled her.

“My daughter said Tembo had abducted her when she was going home and had carnal knowledge of her in an unfinished shop not far from their house,” she said.

The case has been adjourned to February 18, 2021 and February 25, 2021 for continued trial.

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