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5 places around the world where women aren’t allowed to visit


Our world is a vast place full of mysteries. It is safe to say that even in this time of digitalization, we are largely unaware of most of its structures.

Be it social, political, or natural, there are some places throughout the world where women are not permitted to enter.

Here is a look at some of these places.

1. Burning Tree Club, United States

An all-male golf club in Maryland, Burning Tree Club is a unique club. The club is a prestigious one, as every President and Chief Justice has an honorary membership here. Yet, women are still not permitted to enter even today.

2. Mount Athos, Greece

For more than 1000 years, women have been barred from entering into this place. Home to Orthodox churches, Mount Athos only admits 100 Orthodox, and 10 non-Orthodox male pilgrims. A beautiful destination, Mount Athos follows this ancient rule religiously till today.

3. Sabarimala, Kerala

A famous temple that was at the centre of a heated debate is yet another destination where women are not permitted to enter. The temple does not allowed women between the age of 10 and 50 to enter the temple, and this is mainly because the deity is celibate.

4. Okinoshima Island, Japan

A sacred Japanese island, Okinoshima is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where women are banned because of Shinto traditions. Shinto tradition is a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese.

5. Lord Kartikeya Temple, India

Women are banned from entering this temple in the town of Pushkar located in the state of Rajasthan. The presiding God of this temple is the brahmachari form of Lord Kartikeya, and it is said that the lord curses women who enter the temple.


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