5 reasons why you shouldn’t lower your standards for any man

For the sake of being in a relationship, many ladies have had to lower their standards to be with someone who is not worthy of them.

But while it’s important to have realistic relationship expectations, it’s also paramount for a lady to know what she wants in order to have a fulfilling relationship and marriage.

Here are five reasons to be proud of your standards.

  1. It is natural for men to feel intimidated by women with high standards. A man who is not fazed by your high standards will rise above the fear of living up to your expectations and be the man you seek.

  2. With time, men tend to respect a woman who maintains her high standards. As they get closer to you, they would overcome their initial reservation and appreciate the lady you are.

  3. A man who tapers off under the pressure of high standards at an early stage has proven that he won’t live up to those standards in marriage – if the relationship eventually leads there.

  4. A lot of women have worked hard to develop themselves, hence they shouldn’t have to settle for anything less or someone who would deter their aspirations and ambition.

  5. Many people don’t end up marrying those they really love and want to be with. Most often tend to settle for the next-best available options. If you settle and lower your standards to get into a relationship or marriage, you’ll never be fully satisfied and would constantly crave more.

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