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5 rules you need to know when sharing a hotel room

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Sharing a hotel with a friend or spouse may seem simple enough, right? Wrong. A list of ground rules is essential to make sure that a trip goes as planned.

Here are 5 rules to help you deal with sharing a hotel room:
Maintain personal space: Whether it’s family, friends or a new partner, personal space is rule 101 when it comes to sharing. Speak to your roommate to find out what they like and dislike, their daily rituals and sleep patterns. These will help you understand the person and create boundaries accordingly.

The bed debate: Often hotel rooms have one bigger bed, and this can cause a rift from the start of the journey. To solve this, one can take turns to use the bigger bed depending on how long you at a destination, or the older person, or person who paid gets the bigger bed.

Stay clothed all the time: Unless this person is your significant other, try not to walk around naked no matter how comfortable you may be. This is where boundaries come in. Respect the person enough to wear a decent amount of clothing. No one wants to be awkward in their hotel room.

hotel room

Do not hog the bathroom: Using all the hot water or spending hours in the bathroom is a pet peeve that everyone hates. If you have a bathroom routine that requires more than a quick shower, it is best you alert your roommate or let them use the bathroom before you.

Have a curfew: Okay, so we not children, but coming to your room during the odd hours of the morning while your partner is sleeping is rude. Set acceptable times to get back to the hotel so that no one is disturbed.

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