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Thursday, October 28, 2021

6 year old drowns trying to draw water from a well

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In unclear circumstances, a six year old girl of Shifwakula area in Katuba constituency has drowned in an open well while trying to draw water.

Her father, David Mwaba, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview, saying that his Grade 1 daughter was in the company of friends.

Mr. Mwaba explained that while trying to draw water, the rope which she was using accidentally became twisted around her neck and while she tried to free herself she fell into the open well.

Chunga ward councilor Kangwa Kayula who also confirmed the incident advised members of the public to secure their wells and soak aways.

She said that the girl’s death could have been avoided if the owner of the house had taken precautionary measures such as covering the water source and not allowing children to be drawing water from it.

girl fetching water

She also warned parents to avoid sending small girls and boys to draw water in shallow wells.

Ms. Kayula said that the wells don’t only pose a danger to children, but also to other people who move at night.


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