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79 year old Man marries 17 year old girl



Man(79) Marries Girl (17)

79-year-old Man marries a 17-year-old girl in a flashy ceremony in what is dubbed to be the wedding of the year in Zambia. Pictures of a man identified as Joshua and his lovely bride Martha went viral online.

In the pictures, the 79-year-old Joshua is seen with his new wife and the two seem to be having a great time. We thought these pictures are worth a million bucks and thought of sharing them here with all of you.

Man(79) Marries Girl (17)

Clearly, age is just a number as was seen in the wedding ceremony of these two.

Man(79) Marries Girl (17)

You may kiss the bride, and this old man did it in style. I know some of you out there might be wondering if this is even legal. But we can only wait and see.

Man(79) Marries Girl (17)

What do you think about this amazing wedding? Tell us in comments.

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