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Actress Mona Monyane has reflected on her financial lifestyle

Mona Monyane

Actress Mona Monyane has dropped pearls of wisdom about the importance of financial education, especially in the black community. She believes it is time young people change their outlook on money.

Speaking on Kaya FM’s My Money and Me, Mona gave insight into how she spends her money and how, through research, she has learnt that a lack of financial education was apparently holding black people back.

“My generation especially is coming from the post-apartheid generation. A lot has been done to tear families apart, to traumatise and disenfranchise them. We are sort of that generation who have to take the baton and say: ‘How do we normalise life for our children and their children?’

“How can we help them go from previously disadvantaged black women and men to just human beings who are navigating this world and achieving great things in their chosen professions,” she said.

Mona Monyane

The actress also spoke about how being a mother has helped her do a better job of handling her finances and ensuring she hustles hard. Mona said having a supportive husband, who helps her to make a better future for their family, was a blessing. Mona and actor Khula are parents of a beautiful girl. They lost their second-born child in 2017, just seven days after Mona gave birth to her.

Mona has praised her hubby for being a present support system for her. She previously thanked her hubby on Instragram for sticking with her through the emotional rollercoaster. My love, we have seen life you and I, shem. Yhu, the greatest part of this journey is the importance of sticking together, healing both individually and as a couple. I love you with every part of me and I am so grateful I am able to share my life with you as your wife and the mother of your children.”

Khulu has also previously sung Mona’s praises and spoken out about how her presence in his life has made him a better human being.

“It was her spirit that attracted me. In the last five years I have been working on my spirit and meeting her there (in his spirit) was an instant and undeniable connection. Soon after meeting we discussed the spiritual connection, and our beings, and acknowledged that we both felt the same thing. My life has become better since meeting her. There is truth in the saying: ‘He who finds a wife, finds a good thing’,” Khulu previously told TshisaLIVE.

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