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Actress Mona Monyane shares how she survived her first abusive relationship

Mona Monyane

South African top actress, Mona Monyane is still dealing with past trauma of a toxic relationship.

She says her unnamed then-boyfriend used to lock her in her flat and threaten to rape her. But it didn’t just end with threats as he would rape her from time to time.

Mona reveals that she once defended herself with a fork. But the guy turned the story around and told her mom that Mona had tried to kill him.

“One boyfriend locked me in my flat and threatened to rape me. I had to defend myself by grazing him with a fork. He then called my mom and sayed I was trying to murder him… I had to crawl out the kitchen window to escape [sic].”

Mona stayed in that relationship despite it being toxic for half a decade.

The relationship might be over but the pain and trauma still lingers on. “I’m still unpacking the trauma I’ve experienced,” she says.

She acknowledges that she’s been through a lot with men who’s behaviour flip flops in a split second.

“I know toxic men. The ones who adore and love you one moment and then the next thing, you are looking at pure evil in the face.”

“Being the “strong one” doesn’t mean the one who does not feel pain… It simply means we train ourselves to navigate our pain alone, so as not to burden others but truth is… it feels so good to have someone acknowledge that and help you every now and again,” she says.

She concludes by saying that talking about her experience has been a form of catharsis.

“I am finally free to tell my life story through my own words and that to me is liberating beyond comprehension.”


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