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AKA On A Rant Again???

Ok, I know its a weekend and all, people like to fool around and all. Its not usually the same with public figures they dont just post stuff on social media liberally as we the general folk do.

AKA seems to have been a little too carefree lately. it all started with the tweet:

I thought to myself its all good dude just having a good time. then he replies the tweet below which seemed to have had rubbed him the wrong way.

Funny response had he been general folk but ok cause lets let it slide. What does he tweet next:

Ok things really working out for this guy, i was quick to wonder whether this had something to do with what Bonang had said earlier in Article: Bonang Response to AKA

Then the above tweet was even more puzzling, could he be talking about Bonang since his song about her seems to be doing well.

The next tweet am sure was talking about this year’s awards. Dude has already declared this year his, wonder what Cassper Nyovest has to say about this

Tweeter has responded differently to these rants, well since am trying not to draw conclusions here, check out the tweets below and draw your own conclusion fam.

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