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All About Iris Kaingu and her Sister’s Nud!ty & S.e.xtapes

Zambian Socialite Iris Kaingu is on top of her game, she is that girl most people love to hate as they are quick to attribute her fame to her s.e.x tape.

I heard someone say there is no such thing as bad publicity, it is clearly true in the case of the Zambian Socialite Iris Kaingu. The Iris Kaingu S.e.xtape was definitely a gift and a curse. It done well to shoot her to fame and she leveraged it well to become the Queen of Zed spotlight.

The s.e.xtape however, came with a cost for her, people will always refer to it and cannot seem to forget about it.

The more the scandals the higher she seems to soar. The socialite described herself as the definition of Zambian Pop Culture.

This can hardly be disputed Iris is one of Zambia’s fashion icons. As if that were not enough, Iris managed to become the ambassador for  Zambia Tourism. The most premium socialite events you can definitely be assured Iris Kaingu will be one of the main guests.

Iris Kaingu’s Sisters

Iris Kaingu has noticed she is a brand and as a true marketing graduate, she is extending the brand to her gorgeous sisters.

She has incorporated her sisters in her foundation the Iris Kaingu Foundation. 

How better to grow and expand a brand than to make it a family business. We would be surprised if in the future she does a reality tv show with her sisters.

There is however a sprinkle of controversy surrounding Iris Kaingu’s sisters, it not as bad as a s.e.xtape but she has a nude video showing off the assets she was blessed with. Following a caption In one of her posts as she posed with her younger sisters, and wrote: “The Iris Kaingu girls, oh my gosh, they are finally ripe for use”.

Soon after the video of one of her little sisters  Namatama Kaingu leaked.

Watch the video here

It cannot, however, be compared to Iris Kaingu’s S.e.xtape below:

Watch the video here

Hate them or love them the Kaingus are here to stay and Zed just can not get enough of them.

Source – DailyScoopMg

In Other News – 4 People Die in Power Tools Bus Accident

Four people including the driver have died while 15 others sustained injuries in a road accident involving Power Tools bus in Manyinga District of North Western Province.

The accident happened this morning around 04:20 hours along Manyinga- Mufumbwe M8 Road at Mundanya Bridge in Manyinga District.

Power Tools Bus Accident 02/05/2020

Both Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo and RTSA Head of Public Relations Frederick Mubanga have confirmed the development to Mwebantu in a statement.

According to the confirmed details, the accident happened due to excessive speed hence the driver failed to negotiate a curve, lost control of the vehicle, careered off the road and overturned on the right side with the front part submerged into Kabompo river. See More Pictures…

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