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Amanda Black opens up about her mental state

Amanda Black has taken to her social media to open up about her mental state. In March, the star revealed that she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome and she deserves the love and happiness she can get.

Amanda stated that she still needs to deal with and let go of so many things. She said it is a journey for her and not a destination more reason she is taking her time.

Amanda Black

Amanda concluded by saying that healing is not as easy as it seems as there will be triggers and setbacks but she is trying to be gentle with herself.

She wrote: “In and out of the matrix lately, some shit I still need to deal with and let go of. That’s why it’s a journey, not a destination. Healing isn’t linear, there will be triggers, there will be set backs. Taking it day by day, tryna be gentle with myself.  Love and light.

Source: News365

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