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Amazing benefits of a baldness in women


The relationship between women and their hair can be described as inseparable. Like any queen, a woman’s hair is the crown she wears for the world to see her royal beauty.

Now, imagine if you were to ask her to get rid of her crown and go bald.

Before we start a civil war, there are some benefits to going bald. According to Healthline magazine, here are some of them:

  1. Helps deal with hair loss

Hair loss affects both men and women. Additionally, certain health conditions such as alopecia areata can cause patchy hair loss. So, going bald will help remedy all this.

  1. It saves time

Is your partner always complaining that you take forever to get ready? Then spare some vital minutes with a bald head.

  1. Saves money

Spare some extra cash on those expensive hair products and days at the salon by going bald and beautiful.

  1. Try something new

Some research from 2012 suggests that men who shave their heads are seen as having attractive dominant traits. In general, women are viewed as more confident when they disregard convention with regard to their appearance and go bald.

-daily sun

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