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Andrew Lubusha’s Andrich Coach Services Banned From Operating

When PF was in power Andrew Lubusha pioneered the banning of Johabie buses because the owner is UPND Eastern Province Chairperson. That is the reason why Johabie stopped operating. Why should it seem bad when it’s on PF?

On a very sad note, we officially notify family, friends and clients of Andrich Group of Companies that the United Party for National Development (UPND) has totally denied Andrich Coach Services to operate since the day PF lost elections till date.

Our offices in Lusaka and Chipata were broken into and looted including passengers’ luggage.

We decided to remain calm and dialogue with our colleagues from the ruling party and on Friday 1st of October we loaded our first Bus successfully from Chipata to Lusaka but Lusaka UPND officials operating in intercity have chased our Buses from the station and clearly told us that our time ended the very moment Patriotic Front lost.

We plead to the UPND to separate Andrew Lubusha a PF Provincial Chairman, Member of Central Committee and Member of Parliament for Chipangali from Andrich Group because Andrich Company is not political and it has over 100 employees who freely enjoy different political affiliation therefore many families shall suffer.

The company was prompted to complain publicly because all its efforts to dialogue proved futile as UPND sees this as a political party business. We have now remained with no option because upnd has proven to concentrate on a smaller picture of Andrew Zindhlu Lubusha over a bigger picture of many families that are suffering because of their torture.

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