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Andrew Ntewewe – HH cannot be trusted with State power

Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative YALI president Andrew Ntewewe says the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema cannot be trusted with State Power.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African’s ‘People’s Debate’ programme, Mr. Ntewewe reiterated his earlier statement that the UPND convention was a sham as it exposed Mr.Hichilema’s dictatorial and undemocratic tendencies.

He said the UPND convention was used to rubber-stamp changes to their party constitution in order to declare Mr.Hichilema as a life president of the opposition party.

“The convention was a sham and a disgrace to democracy because it does not meet the benchmark of a democratic convention. UPND delegates were duped into thinking that they were also going to be given an opportunity to elect the party president and vice president,” Mr.Ntewewe said.

And Mr.Ntewewe said Mr.Hichilema should not convince himself that he has already won the August 12, elections even before the votes are cast, as this is a recipe for anarchy.
He said the decision of who becomes Republican President after the August polls lie in the hands of the Zambia people.

Meanwhile, Mr.Ntewewe said President Lungu’s assurance of peace and order ahead of the elections is commendable and should be taken seriously by the enforcement agencies.

“Zambians should remain peaceful even as we approach the elections. Law enforcement agencies should ensure that perpetrators of violence are dealt with accordingly,” Mr. Ntewewe said.

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