Home Videos Angry residents burn Nyimba Police Station – Video

Angry residents burn Nyimba Police Station – Video

Nyimba Police Post

Violence seems to be the only language that residents are speaking at the moment. People are angry with the ongoing gassing that is happening across Zambia and they have resorted to demonstrations.

Nyimba Police Post

Riots and protests have rocked Zambia and the latest and scary scenario is the burning of Police Stations.

Nyimba Police Post Burnt

Nyimba police post In Eastern province was burnt down by angry residents over the ongoing gassing of people across the country. Watch the videos below as the Nyimba Police Post is up in flames.

In the central province, a house belonging to Serenje Town Council chairperson (PF) who was named by a suspected gasser who caught in the act by an angry mob in the early hours of Tuesday, 18 February 2020 was burnt and looted.

In Other News – Seer 1 – I’m the spiritual powerhouse of PF

Controversial Self-proclaimed prophet, Seer 1 is not stopping…. I am like a parasite and I will not stop until I’m done with the PF members who took power from me, says self-proclaimed Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1.

In the latest video he shared on Facebook on Wednesday night, Seer 1 who has been demanding his ‘power’ which he says he gave to some PF leaders, said he was not afraid of being arrested but insisted that he was the powerhouse of the ruling PF.

He claimed that during his time in Zambia, PF leaders “were busy following me like a fly that has seen a corpse”.

Seer 1, who has also confessed to using underworld supernatural powers, says he will not rest until he gets what belongs to him from the PF.

“I know what I’m talking about when I say I’m the stronghold of the PF, the powerhouse; I’m the one that contributed spiritually to put them there…Today I did not want to announce, I just wanted to come and say what I want to say because if I had announced, they would have reported my page and blocked my page. I don’t know what they are afraid of but they are innocent,” he said.

“I want to talk about the list and take some time and address Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe and many other things that have been happening. Many people in Zambia are saying ‘Seer 1 is a coward, Seer 1 has backed out’. I don’t back out, I’m a parasite. When I start with you, I will be on you until I finish.” Ejimadu said he was not afraid and could not be defeated. He said he had fought many battles in life such as the current one. Continue Reading