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Another drama for DJ Zinhle?

For someone who stays minding her own business – sometimes – drama surely seems to keep on following her. DJ Zinhle is such a busy woman with her multiple business ventures, that she does not want to give her haters the satisfaction of stooping to their level, so she stays occupied with work.

DJ Zinhle is currently busy getting her Era by DJ Zinhle fans ready for Valentine’s Day and we know she is going to come up with some fire designs for her jewelry line. She also wants to make sure that you and your significant other quench your thirst on a special day with a bottle of Boulevard Rose champagne.

But with all that she is doing, she does not want any drama in her life and she made that very clear. In an Instagram stories post, DJ Zinhle said she just wants to work and not entertain any drama in her life.

I just want to work. That’s all. I just wanna work, no drama, just work,” she reiterated.

dj zinhle

Zinhle has been away from drama of late and managed to keep her name clean. Even when her baby daddy AKA was going through some things after Anele Tembe passed on, she steered clear from drama even when her name popped up many times.

But, she did kind of trend for her fall out with Lerato Kganyago when she apparently lied about not being invited to her wedding. On Honey TV talk show, Talk With Toke Makinwa, Zinhle shared that she was never invited to Lerato Kganyago’s wedding and she did not know that she was getting married.

“One, I didn’t know she was getting married and two she forgot to invite me,” Zinhle laughed.

But this hurt Lerato’s feelings and she said Zinhle was lying about this. She said she was not getting married at the time and it was only a wedding celebration, which Zinhle knew about.

“That left a very bad taste in my mouth because Zinhle and I are like sisters. I was disappointed of the fact, she actually even answered that question…my manager actually sent me the clip and that’s like half truth, you know what happened. She does say she was invited, but what happened after that or before that is the question… At that time because my friendship with all the other girls was like just a bit offish, she was the only one I invited, because she is my girl and I’ve always been loyal to her and I’ll always be loyal to her.”

She then explained that everybody in their group of friends were going through a very rough patch but to her it felt a bit offish. But maintained that her relationship with Zinhle never changed, “I distanced myself from everything else. It wasn’t even a wedding it was just a celebration, I still didn’t have my traditional wedding or a white wedding it was just a celebration.”

She accepted that she could have sent a WhatsApp text instead of a DM.

“What I wanna say is her and I have gone through so much, and as a friend I’ve been so loyal to her, and she respects friendships and ex friendships that much that when she answered the question, I was like now you are opening up a can of worms, and you are telling your side of the story, and its like half-truth, and now people are gonna start speculating, and we are trying to be in a good space as friends because nobody is perfect.”

So could this be the drama she is referring to?

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