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Antonio Mwanza says ministers in this govt are pick mes

There’s a battle of muzungu anikonde among ministers

PF Media director Antonio Mwanza says the UPND government is a one man show and that’s why ministers treat President Hakainde Hichilema’s passions as government programs.
And Mwanza say’s there’s a battle of muzungu anikonde among ministers.
In an interview, Tuesday, Mwanza said there was no single UPND minister who had the courage to make an independent decision without getting blessing

In other news Sol Phenduka slammed after dumping MacG for Kaya FM

South African radio personality, Sol Phenduka, from Podcast And Chill has bagged himself a new radio gig with Kaya FM. He is joined by Dineo Ranaka and together they are looking to take over the radio industry. But, Sol’s new gig was met with mixed emotions from people who are calling him a sellout for choosing radio, given MacG‘s beef with mainstream media.

Nota came at Sol Phenduka guns blazing for apparently accepting a radio gig, when he and MacG carried the podcast game which continues to give radio a run for their monies.

If you may recall, MacG once fired shots at the people who work in radio, for trying to damage his reputation so they can see the podcast fail. He lashed out at radio top dogs for paying influencers to bash the podcast so they could lose sponsors and run out of money and everything else that keeps the podcast intact.

With Sol moving on to the very same radio industry that his friend and co-host claims was out to destroy them, this triggered a handful of people and they bashed Sol for taking this decision. Nota and Sol Phenduka

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