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Argentina Investigates Three Deaths from Mysterious Pneumonia

In Argentina, a strain of pneumonia that has so far claimed the lives of nine people has claimed a third victim this week.

Each case revolves on a private medical facility in the province of Tucuman in the northwest.
Authorities claim to have ruled out Covid and common flu kinds, but they are still performing additional infection testing.

In the search for the cause, tests are also being conducted on the local water supply and air conditioners.

A 70-year-old woman who had been admitted to the facility for surgery was the third victim.

She may have been “patient zero” for the respiratory ailment, according to doctors. The center’s medical staff members were among the other patients who developed the lung disease.

Their close friends and family are being monitored, but none have shown signs as of yet.

On Monday, the mystery illness took its first clinic staff member, followed by a second two days later. Both of them, like the 70-year-old woman, had additional underlying medical issues.

Between August 18 and August 23, the first six patients began exhibiting symptoms.

The individuals were diagnosed on Wednesday with “a serious respiratory disease with bilateral pneumonia…very similar to Covid,” according to health minister Luis Medina Ruiz.

A high fever, body aches, and respiratory problems were among the symptoms.

We are not dealing with a sickness that results in person-to-person transmission, according to Tucuman Provincial Medical College President Hector Sale, who also informed local reporters that there have been no cases found among any of the patients’ close friends or family members.

Along with the Argentina health authorities, the Pan American Health Organization is keeping an eye on the issue. (BBC)

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