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Army Retrieves Unidentified Body In Kafue River

An elite team of Commandos from the Zambia Army has retrieved the body of an unknown man of Kitwe who is suspected to have been murdered before being dumped in the Kafue River.

The man, whose body has been floating in the crocodile-infested river since Friday, is not yet known.

The Kitwe Fire Brigade yesterday failed to retrieve the body and requested for help from the Commandos who are based in Ndola.

This morning, as the Commandos made their way into the river, they fired several shots into the air to scare away crocodiles which were seen swimming around the body.

Kitwe District Commissioner, LAWRENCE MWANZA, who witnessed the operation, expressed worry that criminals have continued to attack innocent people in the district.

Mr. MWANZA said the deceased is suspected to have been attacked and killed on Friday in Nkana East area of Kitwe.

The District Commissioner thanked Panorama Security, a private security firm, for providing a boat which the Commandos used during the operation.

Meanwhile, Scores of Kitwe residents have expressed concern over the continued criminal activities in the city.

The residents have called on the Zambia Police Service to intensify patrols in the communities to curb crime.

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