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Arresting HH would cause national unrest-KBF



Bally doesn't want to be led by anyone and only wants himself to be the President

Kelvin Bwalya Fube has advised the PF government to reconsider any intended action against opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement, Mr Fube warned that any attempts to arrest Mr Hichilema will be a recipe for unnecessary upheaval in the nation going by the mood.

“I have heard, watched and read what my sister Hon. Edith Nawakwi has said about what HH, did and how he conducted himself when he was a consultant in the privatisation of some of our nation’s companies, a long time ago. It is true, HH did not disclose material facts at the time and that he did benefit both before and after such contracts were executed. It is true, HH has not answered nor explained his double dealings at law a case may be made,” he said.

“However, from a purely nationalist perspective, reading the statement from my sister hon. Dora Siliya, I would strongly recommend that our government reconsiders any intended action against HH. I am not sure what problem is intended to fixed here, but it is clear that this will be a recipe for unnecessary upheaval in the nation going by the mood.”Bally pays condolences to Mwewa

He added, “Desperation is of little measure when it solves nothing, but makes a villain popular because of bad timing. We have Covid19 to deal with, balance of payments of national debts, an ailing economy, serious youth unemployment and no clear policy direction.”

“My advice to government is that this is not the time to play into the hands of the unsuspecting poor hungry Zambians, who may just be looking for a reason to be unruly and riotous. HH will be just too happy to be the martyr the Zambians will use to make the nation ungovernable, do not play into his net. Leadership, sometimes requires wisdom above all else the capacity to overlook the wrong that may breed anarchy, disruption of civility and even possible death of innocent Zambians.”

He said, “Hon. Nawakwi has done her duty by informing the nation of what she knows but one who speaks alone, never makes a mistake. Let HH speak in his defence and then let the Zambians judge. Yet, this I say the government must not take any action against either party right now. We have serious problems and we need serious answers. This privatisation discussion is just that for now, a discussion. The majority villagers do not even care anymore. Let us focus on the real issues.”

Source: Lusaka Times



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