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Aspiring PF MP Iris Kangu donates 500 seed packs

Patriotic Front aspiring Member of Parliament for Mwandi Constituency Iris Kaingu has donated 500 hybrid vegetable seed packs to schools and communities in Mwandi District.

Ms. Kaingu said during the distribution exercise in Mwandi district that the packs that include rape, cabbage, okra, Chinese cabbage, tomato and onion seeds will go a long way in uplifting the lives of the people of Mwandi.

She said with the annual fish ban from December to March, the people of Mwandi who depend on fishing for survival need to find other sustainable ways of earning a living such as agriculture.

Ms Kaingu also thanked President Edgar Lungu for the various agriculture programmes the government is undertaking in Mwandi district.

And Mwandi District Administrative Officer Evans Kawilila thanked Ms. Kaingu for the seeds.

Mr Kawilila said the government is encouraging people of Mwandi to engage in agriculture because fishing is no longer sustainable.


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shoool on fire

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