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At KK Airport, an Ethiopian perishes

At the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, a 22-year-old Ethiopian national passed away after collapsing.

The dead has been identified as TIRKOSO GIZA JABTIRKOSO GIZA JABO by NAMATI NSHINKA, a public relations representative for the Immigration Department.

According to Mr. NSHINKA, Mr. JABO passed out after 15 hours and was later declared deceased by hospital staff at the Airport Clinic.

He claims that the deceased’s body has been placed in the morgue of the University Teaching Hospitals, or UTH.

The dead was one of 43 Ethiopian nationals who were being deported via the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, according to Mr. NSHINKA.

He continues by saying that the party was expelled for entering and remaining in the nation illegally.

In an interview with ZNBC News this evening, Mr. NSHIKA made this statement.

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