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AU Approves of Zambia’s Orderly Transfer of Power

The Zambian government and people have received praise from the African Union (AU) for maintaining a peaceful transfer of power during the general elections in 2021.

According to BANKOLE ADEOYE, the AU’s commissioner for political affairs, 16 of the organization’s members achieved smooth power transitions in 2021, including Zambia.

According to Mr. ADEOYE, Zambia demonstrated genuine democracy, which led to President Hakainde Hichilema’s election.

On the fringes of the ongoing AU summit, he made this statement at a press conference for the pre-launch of the interregional knowledge exchange on early warning and conflict prevention.

According to him, the project would improve African peace and will meet frequently to exchange ideas.

The pan African project, according to Mr. ADEOYE, will promote regional cooperation and use technology to enhance peace across the continent.

According to him, the effort aims to use early warning indicators to reduce bloodshed and conflict in Africa by 2030.

According to Mr. ADEOYE, Africa can only advance if there is peace and stability on the continent.

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