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AU honours Dr. Kenneth Kaunda with a special award

Zambia’s first president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has been honoured by the African Union with a special award. The Award recognises Dr. Kaunda for the role he played and the immense contributions he made to the liberation of Africa and its people.

This was done during a virtual event held to celebrate Africa Day and mark the official launch of the entry into force of the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance.

The Charter is a tool that was developed and has been adopted by member states to promote Pan-Africanism, cultural renewal and identity as well as strengthen national policies and other cultural instruments.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba thanked the African Union for recognizing Dr. Kaunda.
He said Dr. Kaunda was the only surviving leader amongst those that attended the meeting to form the Organization of African Unity, the fore-runner to the African Union.

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