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Babu Owino is asking Kenyans for a second chance

Babu Owino has been the subject of a lot of controversy ever since he shot DJ Evolve at a night club paralyzing him and getting him hospitalized for a very long time. In the midst of all the drama, angry Kenyans decided to find a way to impeach him from his MP position claiming he is not deserving of it for his actions.
Now the MP is making an effort to get them back in his good books. Babu Owino is trying to seek sympathy from Kenyans claiming he is taking major steps to change and become a better person.
Babu Owino is asking Kenyans for a second chance
He shared a video of himself urging Kenyans to understand that he is only human and he can make mistakes. He also made it a point to add that he has gone through so many of the struggles most Kenyans experience.

“Today i have decided to talk to fellow kenyans heart-to-heart and in the course of my duties i have been engaging you on various platforms on social media and i sense your anger. i sense that some of you are hurt and some are disappointed with me. i am a human being like you.” Babu Said

He then went ahead and shared the kind of struggles he went through growing up.

I grew up in nyalenda slums and i understand the pains of growing in such an environment where you cannot get daily meals, school fees, and medication. my mother sold chang’aa. she did not sell chang’aa because she wanted to but because she wanted us to go to school and to get the best services. police harassment was real, and i witnessed them whipping my mother.”

Babu came clean and revealed that he started drinking alcohol when he  was eight years old.