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Bahati is still a pastor

Bahati is still a pastor

We have all seen Bahati do his Gengetone genre of music and thrive in it in contrast to the gospel music genre that very many people knew him for. Several of his fans called him out for going against his gospel roots when he started singing Gengetone music.

His recent jam, Wanani remix has scooped so much love from fans and a lot of support from the OG’s when it comes to Gengetone music. In a post he put out, he made it clear that in as much as he is going the Willy Paul route, he is still a pastor of the gospel of God.
“Hata nikiwatolea Hits za Gengetone msisahao mimi ni pastor 🤣😂🤣BWANA YESU ASIFIWE!!!”


Bahati shared this under a picture of him in oversize clothes that symbolizes how most pastors dress.His narrative and that of Willy Paul are very similar. Mr. Pozze in his last interview with Jalang’o said that he is an artiste who can sing about anything but lest we forget, he’s a man whose heart still seeks God.

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If you follow Bahati’s social media, you must have noticed a new trend on how he chooses to share controversial content that is far from the gospel narrative, which all started when he made the move to shut down EMB Records and decided to do his thing without any concerns about people’s thoughts.

Now that very many of his initial fans don’t seem to get the kind of path he is currently treading and questioning what he really stands for, he has come out to remind them that he is still a pastor and has stuck to his gospel roots despite trying to be as versatile as possible in the industry.

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