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Somizi believes his daughter Bahumi is Killing the Lebo Mathosa Role

Viewers might be on the fence with Bahumi portraying a young Lebo on the biopic mini-series Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story, but her father is here for it. Somizi took to Instagram and sang his daughter’s praises after her second appearance on the BET Africa series – calling her a megastar in the ‘baking.’ This is Bahumi’s first major role in her acting career and Somizi says his daughter is nailing it.

Somizi and Bahumi

Part of his post read, “Keep your vehicle moving ur young gifted and black…oh and amazing princess. A megastar in the baking. Yo step one of the baking method is amazing. I’m such a very proud dad. Even though the biopic has been marred with criticism from viewers, fans say Bahumi brings the young Lebo Mathosa to life – this after many had doubts in the beginning. Others have stayed firm to their opinion that something is lacking.

This is not the first time Somizi has praised his daughter and showed the world that he is her biggest cheerleader. When the cast was announced, many accused the production of nepotism seeing that Bahumi’s father is a well-known figure in the entertainment scene. Both Bahumi and Somgaga rubbished the claims when Somizi wrote on Instagram, “f**k the haters. It’s not your fault that you’re my daughter.

Source: News365

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