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Meghan Markle visits gender-based violence education club



Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is in Johannesburg for the royal family’s second leg of their South African tour. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed in Cape Town on 23 September.

Meghan Markle

They kicked off their tour with a visit to The Justice Desk in Nyanga, where they spoke to young children who have been taught self-defence.

The duchess has been in South Africa where she conducted various activities to raise awareness about women’s rights.

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In other news – Stacey Dash arrested for domestic violence

Stacey Dash, the actress best known for her starring role in “Clueless”, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of domestic violence in Florida – after telling a 911 operator that she’d been assaulted by her husband.

Stacey Dash

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Dash got in a verbal argument around 7.45pm, then allegedly pushed her victim and slapped him in the face. Read more

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