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Beer prices go up


The retail price for beer will go up from today after Zambian Breweries, one the major producers of the commodity announced a sharp price hike last evening.

According to information sent out to beer distributors in Lusaka by Zambian Breweries, prices for all beer brands have been adjusted upwards from around 50% to 30%.

“Please be informed of a price change on the following SKU’s from tomorrow, 1st April 2021,” the notice read.

It’s popular Mosi and Castle Lager 340ml from has jumped from K215 per case to K235 per case.

The notice said Castle Lite 340ml has been adjusted from K250/Case to K255/Case for General Trade, and K265/Case for Key Accounts.

“CBL 340ml from K245/Case to K255/Case for General Trade, and K265/Case for Key Accounts. Budweiser 330ml from K290/Case to K325/Case,” it said.

The price of Stella Artois 330ml has moved from K290/Case to a whooping K325/Case while Flying Fish 330ml has gone up from K260/Case to K290/Case.

“Castle/Mosi/CBL/Castle Lite 500ml Cans from K245/Case to K260/Case. Mosi/Castle lager 340ml from K215/Case to K235/Case.”

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