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Bene Mukuni traditional ceremony set for mid year

Chief Munokalya Mukuni, His Royal Highness has bared that this time’s Bene Munkuni Traditional Ceremony of the Bene Mukuni people of Zambia will be held mid-year.

The traditional form will take place from 8th to 9th July 2022 in Livingstone, the sightseer capital of Zambia.
Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka, Organising Committee Chairperson,Mr. Mupotola, on behalf of Chief Mukuni said “ I ’m extremely agitated to advertise that this time’s traditional form will be heldmid-year. I ’m happy to invite all the people of Zambia, Africa, and the world to join me and the Bene Mukuni Dynasty to celebrate and commemorate the Bene Mukuni traditional form. We’re also agitated to advertise that this time’s form will be graced by The Democratic President,Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. ”

The Bene Munkuni traditional form is held in commemoration of Munokalya( which means Chief of Chiefs) Muchelewa( Lion King) Mukuni the first’s odyssey from Katanga in Congo to the environs of the Nsyungu Namutitima( Victoria Falls) in a trip which was accepted between the early andmid-18th Century.
The traditional form celebrates the lives and reigns of Mukuni, the first’s successors in both Spirit and Royal Titles that have since entered, upon death, the realm of the godly ancestor.

The form is also a festivity to renew and cement the ancestral, artistic, and traditional bonds that live between and among the Bene Mukuni Dynasty’s Royal Houses established in thepre-colonial period by either Munokalya Muchelewa Mukuni the first or his successors in spirit and Royal Titles.

“ Zambians are one people, and our traditional observances bring us all together to celebrate and appreciate our heritage and culture. It’s also important that we the aged generation pass on our culture to the youngish generation for them to keep our spirit and traditions alive, ” said Chief Mukuni.

This time’s Bene Mukuni traditional form is anticipated to be bigger than the former bones
, because it promises to host colorful attendees and dignitaries from across the globe, and Zambia’s sightseer capital Livingstone, is anticipated to see a boost in the tourism sector as further people are anticipated to attend the form.

“ I prompt and encourage the youthful and old to come and witness the Bene Munkuni traditional form and we anticipate this time’s form to be massive, ” remarked Chief Mukuni.

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