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Friday, September 24, 2021

Priddy Ugly: I’m the best rapper

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South African rapper Priddy Ugly took to his Twitter to declare himself to be the best rapper in SA.

The star stated that when he came into the game, he always wanted to remain creative and maintain quality at the highest level.

The rapper said he once tweeted a year back that as long as he is an active player in the game, he needs to drop dope music.

When I came into the game, I always wanted to remain creative & maintain quality at the highest level. Years back, I tweeted something like : For as long as I’m an active player in the game, your favorite artists need to drop doper verses, music & videos than me – full pressure

Priddy Ugly made it clear that he is in love with music most especially rap…

He declared himself as the best rapper and stated whoever feels is more better should step up.

Reason being, is that I love this music thing, rap & hip hop more specifically. We need the kids coming after us to be far better than we were/are – this is how we push the culture forward. When I say ‘I’m the best rapper’ – We need whoever feels like they’re better to step up!

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