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BFlow keeps quite on memorial of his friend P Jay

Bertha Chengwa revealed that Bflow went to clients of his late friend P Jay and told them to cancel any contract with him because he was a drunkard. Bertha said this affected P Jay and that by the time of his death, he was a sad person due to Bflow’s backstabbing.

Musician Brian Bwembya, otherwise popularly known as BFlow has opted to remain mute on the memorial day when his mate Brian Chiwenga alias P Jay passed on in 2014.

The duo were once very close and collaborated on an album dubbed ‘double trouble’ but in the last days of P Jay, their relationship strained.Recently, it was revealed by P Jay’s young sister Bertha Chengwa that Bflow had been backstabbing his friend, hence the straining of their relationship.

Brian Bwembya

However, this was followed by a series of arguments between the family of P Jay and B flow concerning the neglected graveyard of the late singer. On one hand, Bflow claimed the family of his late friend chewed a lot of money meant to put a tombstone on the grave of his friend while on the other hand, P Jay ‘s family accused Bflow of disrespecting them and their late son.

During this time, Bflow, who likes calling himself Junior Barrack Obama said he is not responsible of putting a tombstone on his late friend’s grave adding that he is tired of supporting the family of P Jay because, apparently, he even buys them relish.

He also revealed how he once witnessed the family of P Jay receiving lots of money from a certain record label which his late friend once belonged to but that all this money was chewed instead of putting some of it into making the late singer’s grave respectable.Today is the day P Jay passed on, but Bflow has opted to remain mute on his one time best friend whom he vowed never to forsake.

Credit: Zambian Obsever

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