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Bishop Mambo calls on Lungu to explain how his wealth shot up to K22million in a year



Bishop Mambo calls on Lungu to explain how his wealth shot up to K22million in a year

Bishop John Mambo has said that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF )government must not be allowed to camouflage its failures using the tired narrative of accusing an innocent citizen whenever it is about election time.

Reacting to revelations made by FDD president Edith Nawakwi against UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema, Bishop Mambo said that the accusation against Mr.Hichilema having amassed wealth during privatization has been recited time and again and yet no action has been taken against the accused.

“Surely if this not witch-hunt against a political opponent by those in government, then what is it?

“We do not think that it is right for government to join those throwing stones at a citizen who whose firm was hired to carry out the work as assigned to him by government,” he said.

Mambo added that it is therefore regrettable that the government, instead of clarifying the position, has decided to inflame the accusations against HH and the handling of the privatization process.Bishop Mambo calls on Lungu to explain how his wealth shot up to K22million in a year

“It would appear as though this issue is a well calculated scheme than genuine concern by those in power.

“Those that come to equity must come with clean hands. While government officials are asking HH to account for his wealth and role in the privatization process, which is honestly a fair question, those calling for accountability must be reminded that they have not themselves explained to citizens how they suddenly become rich after assuming public office as soon as 2015,” he added.

He said in this regard, as Chikondi Foundation, challenge the head of state to explain to the public how he managed to grow his net worth from about 2.1 million Kwacha to about 22 million Kwacha within one year.

He added that it is his organization’s view that the President acquired his wealth while occupying a public office and naturally it would be within acceptable parameters to assume that the President acquired his wealth using a public position.

“We also call on Zambian citizens not to lose sight of the fact that those in national leadership are the ones responsible over national resources and assets and have a duty to inform citizens what plans they have to make their lives better.

“Dwelling on non-issues such as privatization will not b create jobs, put more money in the pockets of citizens and lower taxes as promised by the PF regime,” he added.

Source: Lusaka Times



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