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Bishop Sydney Sichilima Resigns

United Church of Zambia Synod Bishop Sydney Sichilima has resigned as President of the Council of Churches in Zambia and withdrawn his participation in the three Church mother bodies.

In a letter addressed to the Three Church Mother Bodies, CCZ General Secretary and Bishop Sichilima said the move is meant to preserve the integrity of the United Church of Zambia.

Bishop Sydney Sichilima
Bishop Sydney Sichilima

Bishop Sichilima said he has also withdrawn his participation from the grouping.

He said as UCZ leader, there are certain biblical ethics that he cannot compromise in executing his pastoral duties hence his withdrawal from the church mother bodies and resignation from CCZ.

Bishop Sichilima has however thanked the United Church of Zambia for seconding him to serve other ecumenical organisations.

He also thanked the member Churches of the Council of Churches in Zambia for their confidence and mandate entrusted in him to serve as President.

Bishop Sichilima’s resignations come in the wake of differences regarding the CCZ ‘s position over the suspension of Prime Television Broadcast license for a month by the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

The CCZ issued a letter signed by General Secretary Reverend Emmanuel Chikaya to condemn the suspension without the approval of Bishop Sichilima.

Source: Lusaka Times