Home World News Total lunar eclipse 2019: Super blood wolf moon appears over the UK

Total lunar eclipse 2019: Super blood wolf moon appears over the UK

Blood Moon

Well, that was bloody marvellous. People all around the world have been sharing their experiences of the Blood Moon lunar eclipse, as our mysterious satellite put on a jaw-dropping show for the lot of us.

The red glow occurs when the sunlight filters through Earth’s atmosphere and gets refracted in the process. The Moon has no light of its own – it only reflects the sunlight – so the moon’s light supply “cuts off” when Earth moves between the Sun and Moon. Due to this, the Moon’s surface takes on a red glow before it goes completely dark.

Why is it being called a “Wolf Moon”?
Here’s hoping you made the most of it, too. There won’t be another event like this until 2021. In fact, this was no ordinary Blood Moon: It’s also been marked as the “Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse” – how has the wolf found itself in there, we hear you ask?

Blood Moon

Quite simply, a “Wolf Moon” is the term given to the first full moon of the new year. With it happening during a blood-red eclipse, it’s inadvertently created one of the greatest names in cosmic history.
Stargazers have been pointing their cameras skywards to bring us all the best of an illuminative evening. Their dedication – which required an all-night shift and the hardiness to brave sub-zero temperatures in the northern hemisphere – has helped us put together a comprehensive highlights package. We salute all of you happy snappers

The moon was super-bright and large here, but many struggled to get a good view of the full eclipse. Johan De Bruin’s effort just about sums it up for Mzansi, with this photo he took in Rustenburg.

Blood Wolf Moon” in the United States
Our friends stateside have been making the most of the celestial ballet. Plenty have wrapped up warm and put their commitment to stargazing above everything else. This is the best of the bunch from the US
Up in Blighty, the lunar fanatics also pulled off some great feats of photography on Sunday night. We’ve got a stunning time-lapse from Yorkshire in the first photo, and a breathtaking snap of the Blood Moon on the South Coast in Brighton.

Source: CNN