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Actress Phuti Khomo body shammed after wearing a crop top: PICS

Former Muvhango actress Phuti Khomo has hit back at trolls for body shaming her after she shared a picture of herself wearing a crop top.

Phuti Khomo

A visibly annoyed Phuti took to her Instagram to make it clear that the flood of “solutions” on how to deal with “problematic” features on her body were definitely not welcome.

Phuti Khomo

Phuti was not impressed by their comments that she shouldn’t wear a crop top because of how her stomach apparently looks.

Phuti Khomo

“So like, I’ve been receiving a lot of DMs and I think I just wanna talk about these DMs. I’m not sure but does it look like I have a stomach problem? I don’t think so. I don’t believe so,” Phuti asked before adding, “I have people in my DMs saying I have problems and maybe I shouldn’t wear something like a crop top … OK, let me tell you something, first of all, I can wear whatever I want to wear as long as I feel comfortable in it, it’s none of your business!

“I’m a 36-year-old woman, I think I know how to dress myself and what looks good on me … So don’t be creeping up in my DMs trying to tell me that I can wear a crop top or I can’t wear a crop top — I will wear whatever I damn well please, “Phuti said.

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Phuti is no stranger to calling people or even the whole industry out.

Two years ago, the model-turned-actress called out the model industry and warned young models and actresses against exploitation, saying the industry is filled with scammers and people who take advantage of others.

In an interview with Metro FM Phuti explained that she had been focusing her energy on her modelling expo where she was providing a platform for modelling agencies around the world to come and scout local talent.

She explained that she wanted to get into that space to provide a credible channel for models to get into the industry without the BS that comes with it.

“This industry is full of chancers. It is full of people who will take advantage of people and exploit them. I will not exploit people because I have a lot to lose. This is like years of building my name and I am putting it on something. I am going for a cause here. There are so many things that are happening in their modelling space: human trafficking, child pornography. Children are falling into these traps.”

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