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Boity Thulo And Maps Serve Couple Goals

Boity Thulo and Maps Maponyane

Boity Thulo and Maps Maponyane might just be our favourite “couple-not-couple,” as the two continue to serve couple goals with the content on social media.

The two might be an actual couple as they have maintained that they are just friends, but they definitely know how to serve content. The latest edition of the continued social media love story, the two were together during the celebration of World Champagne Day. Boity as the face of Moët & Chandon Champagne hosted an event with the hashtag of “toast together” to celebrate the day, which was held on a rooftop with some of her famous friends.

The two have always served a couple of goals, especially during a Moët & Chandon Champagne events. The last time the two were killing it in nautical-inspired looks. They even might have been the tennis match between Trevor Noah and Roger Federer, but the two stole literally stole the show with their chemistry and love-lives-here-always content

Boity Thulo and Maps Maponyane

So it is no wonder that they continued in the same vein with the latest series of images.

And who would complain? From their social media interactions, we already know that Boity already has Maps’ mother wrapped around her finger. The question though, is whether Maps’ has Boity’s mother consent to date the newly established queen of fragrance and hair product range. Despite making big business moves, it is clear that the star can still afford to fit in some time for love-lives-here.

Maps posted one of the images they had taken together. But Maps seemed to not want comments on the post highlighting the chemistry between the two of them because he disabled the comments of the post. It is unclear why he did that considering that posts with the two of them are usually his most popular posts to receive high volumes of engagement.

That is not to say that Maps fails in providing content all on his own. The man has become of the best celebrity Instagram profiles that never fails to provide fire captions that have us laughing, but also thinking the man is more than just his looks; he has brains too.

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