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S.e.x.i.e.s.t Pics of Bombshell Grenade

Bombshell Grenade is by far the hottest if not the hottest girl in Zambia if you ask me. Could not help but compile a few of the hottest and s.e.x.i.e.s.t pics of the gorgeous Bombshell Grenade.

Check out the pictures.

Thank God for everything I have



Your mind will always believe everything you tell it . Feed it FAITH Feed it TRUTH & Feed it LOVE. .


Bombshell grenade
Life is what you MAKE IT, atleast that’s what they say. But, I think I’M gonna MAKE IT fulfill my dreams.


bombshell grenade
Body hot but the heart is Antarctica/
You never talk just put it in ah practical/
by th way you give me that papy love/
Ain’t gotta talk just put it down and lock it boy/


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